Mini conference: Java Security, Testing practices and Team dynamics

January 7, 2019

Meetup No4 2018-2019

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We are welcoming 2019 with a mini-conference and presenters from three different countries and two different continents!

This time we will host three different talks in a mini conference meetup on Saturday:

  1. A talk on Java security architecture, by Martin Toshev, member of the Bulgarian Java User Group and Software Architect at Resolve Systems
  2. Agile Testing Practices, with examples on Java, by John Pourdanis, Test Automation Engineer, ISTQB Certified Tester working at Pheron LTD (SchooX group).
  3. How (not) to produce Software, and the intricacies of the team by Dimos Madarakis, Software Engineer at Tokyo, Japan (tele-conferencing)

We will be especially happy to have participants from other meetups, or any working software engineers that would like to expand their horizons.


Date:        Σάββατο, 19 Ιανουαρίου 2019
Time:        10:00 - 14:00
Location:    ΤΕΙ Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας - Σέρρες (Τέρμα Μαγνησίας) Κτίριο Πληροφορικής, Αίθουσα 2.1

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